problem when booting the salve machine from floppy disk

David davidge at
Mon Mar 19 00:19:44 PST 2001

Hello everyone,

I've installed the scyld beowulf front-end machine from 
RPMS. and I boot salve machine using a floppy disk 
generated by beoboot program on front-end machine. 
when the salve booting, It stoped at (looping at this step)
Sending RAPP requests ...............
screen. It seemed that there is no answer from front-end
machine. But I found a file named "unknown_addresses" 
was generated at the /var/beowulf directory on front-end
Below is a copy of that file.
[root at cluster beowulf]# cat unknown_addresses
unknown 52:54:AB:DD:E5:C4
while 52:54:AB:DD:E5:C4 is the NIC's address of my salve
Anyone can tell me what make this occurred and how to solve
this question?


Sincerely yours,
David Ge <davidge at>
Room 604, No. 168, Qinzhou Road, Shanghai.
Phone: (021)34140621-12 
2001-03-19 16:06:38

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