AMD annoyed...

lowther at lowther at
Sat Mar 17 14:48:37 PST 2001

"Robert G. Brown" wrote:
> Bemusedly yours,

I saw the page briefly before it came down.  Would it be 'out of bounds'
to give a hint for those waiting whether or not AT THIS MOMENT it is
wise for them to wait longer or would they be just as well off going
ahead with their projects based on currently available technologies? 
I'm sure if  you had a glowing report, they wouldn't be upset at all if
you were to say something positive based on what you know.  After all,
those waiting know the performance of a single processor board and just
need to know in a price/performance framework whether or not they can
get at least, say 190% performance gain before they should consider
single board solutions?  Not that anyone should take your silence as
anything other than a gentlemanly agreement with AMD.


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