Mysterious kernel hangs

Mark Hahn hahn at
Thu Mar 15 13:35:25 PST 2001

> If this is happening on all 16 nodes, it sounds very, very much like a
> kernel deadlock, although problems with the specific motherboard/chipset
> cannot be ruled out.  Can't help you with the motherboard if that turns

I see essentially zero reason to blame the kernel, especially since:
	1. it's new hardware, of unknown quality and config.
	2. he's tried a HUGE variety of kernels (2.2 shares very 
	little with 2.4.2-ac20!)
	3. he's demonstrated it under purely compute loads.

I'd be looking at whether the power is clean, bios/jumper settings,
reducing the number of cards, lm-sensors, checking s-specs, etc.

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