Huinalu Linux SuperCluster

Ron Brightwell rbbrigh at
Wed Mar 14 17:50:28 PST 2001

> Huinalu is a 520-processor IBM Netfinity Linux Supercluster. It 
> consists of 260 nodes, each housing two Pentium III 933 megahertz 
> processors. Their combined theoretical peak performance is a 
> staggering 478 billion floating point operations per second 
> (gigaflops). It is, at the present time, the world's most powerful 
> Linux Supercluster.
> at

Actually, no it's not -- at least not for a cluster intended to support
parallel apps. The Siberia Cplant cluster at Sandia that is currently
#82 on the top 500 list has a peak theoretical perfomance of 580 GFLOPS.
It has demonstrated (with the MPLinpack benchmark) 247.6 GFLOPS.  The latest
Cplant cluster, called Antarctica, has 1024+ 466 MHz Alpha nodes, with a
peak theoretical performance of more than 954 GFLOPS.

Keep in mind that peak theoretical performance accurately measures your ability
to spend money, while MPLinpack performance accurately measures your ability
to seek pr -- I mean it measures the upper bound on compute performance from
a parallel app.


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