Fortran 90 and BeoMPI

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Wed Mar 14 08:12:38 PST 2001

On Wed, 14 Mar 2001, Jag wrote:

> I've never had to compile these programs before,

Lucky you!  8-)

> ... but shouldn't they have their own configure/Makefile system setup so
> that you don't have to do the linking and such by hand?

Given that these are programs that run on a multitude of platforms, they
expect some kind of common denominator. For example, they try to link with
libmpi.a or (-lmpi). Now show me with either LAM-MPI or MPICH
how this would work 8-)
Since late last year, CHARMM has two new install options: LAMMPI and MPICH
which are used for signaling that the Makefile has to be modified to add
the respective libraries, while it functioned for years on non-Linux
platforms with just -lmpi. However, I never use these options: I always
modify the Makefile to replace f77 with mpif77 and I don't care about the

There is another problem: when you have several compilers installed on the
same system and different MPI libraries compiled for each of them. The
SCore system, for example, provides an option (e.g. mpif77 -fc pgi) in
order to choose which combination of compiler, flags and include/libraries
to use. The same would probably apply to MPI on top of several transport
libraries, each with their own include/libs.


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