SMP support with the scyld package/codine/NFS

Marc Cozzi cozzi at
Wed Mar 14 03:54:24 PST 2001

WOW, that was a fast response! Almost as fast as the
DEC True-64 managers list.

Thanks for the replies Dan, Jag.

Other questions I have with this configuration have to do with
operating in the current environment. I currently have lots of
SUN 420R SMP systems, IRIX, AIX, and DECs running behind a firewall.
The SUN systems use the Codine batch job scheduling submission
software (now from SUN) previously from Gridware. All though
somewhat limited, works well in this shop. SUN has recently released
a version for Linux with claims to support more platforms in the
near future, (IRIX, True-64, AIX...) SUN is making the Codine
software available at no cost!! Also seems very stable...

Also used with all these systems is a common user file system
NFS mounted on all boxes. User authentication is via NIS running
on the SUN Solaris 8 systems. What documentation I could find for
the Scyld software indicates that a master box must be setup with
two Ethernets. One pointing to the "outside" and the other to the
"inside". I assume this is running ipchains/ipforward and acting
somewhat like a firewall. Is this going to cause problems/prevent
me from using the existing NFS mounts and NIS authentication scheme?
Can I just bring up all the Scyld nodes, including master Scyld system,
on the internal network?

Once again, thanks for all the experts help and suggestions.


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On Tue, 13 Mar 2001, Marc Cozzi wrote:

> greetings,
> I'm considering several dual 1GHz, 1GB Intel/Asus systems. Has anyone
> used the Beowulf package from Scyld Computing Corporation with
> SMP systems? Does one have to rebuild the kernel to enable SMP
> support or is it turned on by default? Are there issues with BProc
> and SMP?

Scyld's distribution ships with SMP and UP kernels. No problems with
respect to UP/SMP with bproc. You can also mix-n-match with no ill

	Dan Ridge
	Scyld Computing Corporation 

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