Fortran 90 and BeoMPI

Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Tue Mar 13 19:58:46 PST 2001

On Tue, Mar 13, 2001 at 09:32:18PM -0500, Daniel Ridge wrote:

> The point of the compiler wrappers that some MPI vendors ship is usually
> one of:
> 	1. hide the rat's nest of little libraries from the end user
> 	2. maintain compatibility with an earlier MPI that (see 1)

3. Do clever things like support "-real8" and "-int8" compiler

If you never want to do anything clever, sure, you can treat MPI like
any other library. The reality is that Fortran compilers rarely expose
enough information to let you do that, and still support the
combinations of features that users actually use.

-- greg

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