10/100 NICs

James Alton jalton at olsh.cx
Mon Mar 12 16:44:05 PST 2001

When building a beowulf, especially when using cheap 10/100 cards,
performance matters a lot. Thatt is why I am asking the question of, if I am
going to buy a 10/100 card, what is faster? A Kingston card, or a 3com 905B
card? Is there a page that shows benchmarks of 10/100 cards? Would a cheapo
realtek card (10/100) get the same performance as far as speed? Also, is
gigabit worth it to put in every node? (What type of speed would I expect
from gigabit? 1000Mbits/sec? lol.)

James Alton
jalton at olsh.cx

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