high physical density cluster design

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On Sun, 11 Mar 2001, pbn2au wrote:

> >
> > Problem 2 - Heat Dissipation
> > """"""""""""""""""""""""""""
> > The other problem we're going to have is heat. We're going to need to build
> > our cabinet such that its relatively sealed, except at front, so we can get
> > some coherent airflow in between boards. I am thinking we're going to need to
> > mount extra fans on the back (this is going to make the 2x2 design a bit more
> > tricky, but at only 64 odd machines we can go with 2x1 config instead, 2
> > stacks of 32, just 16U high). I dont know what you can suggest here, its all
> > going to depend on physical configuration. The machine is housed in a proper
> > environment (Datavaults.com's facilities, where I work :) thats climate
> > controlled, but the inside of the cabinet will still need massive airflow,
> > even with the room at 68F.
>     For this much heat, I am not sure that you should not rethink this
> whole Idea. Some suggestions( not tongue in cheek) : Have you
> considered a refrigeration unit? Put it in a walk-in freezer and go
> from there. Another option will be to build a sealed water tight box

router vendors have boxes that need to dissapate in excess of 5Kw in one
42u box... These are air cooled...

> and encase the boards in chilled mineral oil. The conductivity of the
> oil is legendary, and nonexistent. use a small unit to chill one end,
> and a couple of stirring units to keep it circulating.

liquid cooling is typically used only as a last resort by hardware
vendors when the individual components need to have more heat dissapated
than the thermal conductivity of air will allow.

> The biggest
> issue is not heat within the unit but the effect on other units in the
> same room.

no matter what you have to exhaust the heat from the room.

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