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here's an interesting spin on clustering....

FROM: Smart Partner Magazine, a ZD Net Company
Date: MARCH 5, 2001


    By David Hakala

Free ISP Juno Online Services wants it's users to contribute their idle
clock cycles to a distributed "supercomputer" which the struggling service
would rent to research organizations and corporations that need massive
computation power.

The plan would require users to install client software and leave their PC's
on 24 hours a day. The client would start processing data when the PC's
screensaver kicks in, and upload the results when the user connects to the

Currently, the Juno Virtual Supercomputer Network consists of a few
volunteers.  But CEO Charles Ardai says that participation may be required.

So far, however, there are no takers.  Maybe researchers are leery of
outsourcing critical apps to freeloaders.

-David Hakala, Smart Partner Magazine

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