(Stress-)Testing of nodes in a beowulf cluster

Kian_Chang_Low at vdgc.com.sg Kian_Chang_Low at vdgc.com.sg
Mon Mar 12 02:01:58 PST 2001


I have been playing with beowulf cluster for quite a while and have put
together a small cluster as a test to show that it can be done.

Now I am faced with a question about the reliability of the nodes (slave
or/and master). Is there any tests (or stress-tests) that we can run to
check the reliability of the following,
1) CPU
2) memory
3) network interface card
4) disk
5) motherboard
6) any other?!

I heard of using memtest to test the memory. But what about tests for the
other components?

I thought it will be great if there is a suite of tests that the node has
to undergo before being added to the cluster. Rather than trying to
determine the cause of failure after putting the cluster together, we at
least know that a node is downright faulty from the beginning.

Kian Chang.

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