32Meg RAM on Nodes?

Chris Hendrickson chendric at qssmeds.com
Wed Mar 7 09:39:10 PST 2001

we just recently recieved out LinuxCentral copy of Scyld Beowulf 2, and
are merging our current cluster over to it, problem is, we have several
nodes that currently have only 32M of RAM., and the motherboards seem to
be very particular about RAM type. We have yet to be able to find
anything other than the Original OEM RAM that works (granted we've only
ben looking for a few days)

anyone know of a quick and easy way to build a bootfloppy that does not
use the 40M RAMdisk? but will instead partition the hard drive and put
all needed files there?

any ideas?


"The box said requires Windows 95 or better... So I installed Linux"

Chris Hendrickson
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NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
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