8 DIMM Slot PIII/Athlon Motherboard ?

Simen Thoresen simen-tt at online.no
Fri Mar 9 12:43:52 PST 2001

>Hi All,
>I'm looking for a PIII/Athlon motherboard that has 8 DIMM slots and
>handles 32x8 (high-density) 512MB DIMMs.  Does anyone know of one?  On the
>PIII side, dual SMP is preferable, but single PIII would be OK.
>My goal is to add a 4GB main RAM machine to my little cluster on the
>cheap.  8 $160 32x8 512MB DIMMs cost $1280, while 4 $650 16x16 1GB DIMMs
>cost $2600.
>I believe the Serverworks HE chipset can handle 8 DIMM slots, as it does
>2-way interleaving, so it can do 4 DIMM slots on each channel.  However,
>the motherboards I've seen with this chipset typically have just 4 DIMM
>slots.  Moreover, I don't know if this chipset handles 32x8 512MB DIMMs.
The Tyan Thunder 2500 is the only ServerWorks HE (not HE-Sl) board that I know of that is 'easily' available. It features 8 DIMM slots (for up to 8GB ram),

You'll need registered ECC memory for this one, tho.


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