redhat 7.0 upgrade woes

Josip Loncaric josip at
Wed Mar 7 09:04:03 PST 2001

One problem I've seen in upgrading 6.2->6.2+updates->7.0->7.0+updates is
that Red Hat messed up version numbering on about a dozen packages,
which then did not get updated to 7.0 versions.  The most obvious
problem was gnorpm.  Since the updated 6.2 version appeared newer than
the updated 7.0 version, gnorpm did not get replaced (but the underlying
libc did) so afterwards gnorpm refused to work (complaining about a
missing shared library).

The fix for this is to install the correct gnorpm (and other misnumbered
packages) using the rpm -Uvh --force ... command, at least until Red Hat
addresses these version numbering problems.


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