high physical density cluster design - power/heat/rf questions

Ken lowther at att.net
Mon Mar 5 23:02:30 PST 2001

Velocet wrote:
> Problem 1
> """""""""
> The problem is in the diagram above, the upside down board has another board
> .5" above it - are these two boards going to leak RF like mad and interefere
> with eachothers' operations? I assume there's not much to do there but to put
> a layer of grounded (to the cabinet) metal in between.  This will drive up the
> cabinet construction costs. I'd rather avoid this if possible.

I keep promising myself I won't post after midnight.  They never look
the same in the morning. ;)  My first inclination would be to put two of
them together and see what happens.  You might think about aluminum
screen if you can keep it stretched tight enough.  Would also help with
air flow.  Maybe something more like aluminum gridding.

> We dont really wanna pull that many power outlets into the room - I dont know
> what a diskless Duron800 board with 256Mb or 512Mb ram will use, though I
> guess around .75 to 1 A. I

I've measured a dual Celeron board at about 1 amp at 125 volts.  Thats
going to be a lot of heat in a small space.  Since you are going to
build a tight fitting case, you may want to stick an actual cooling unit
on top.  

Ken Lowther
Youngstown, Ohio

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