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I tend to agree about the CDs, but we'll leave room for them if needed.
There's not enough room to be able to squeeze in a 3rd motherboard, so would
just be wasted real estate in the chassis.

There are no commercial products out there (that I've been able to find that
is) that will do this.  Essentially this will be an open 1U case, holding
two motherboards, drives, floppies and power supplies.  The plan is to use a
closed rack, with plenty of fan airflow through the entire rack to handle
the cooling.

All the connections will be to a custom rear panel with pigtails to the
actual motherboards.

Any electrical engineers out there ?  Would like to find a mongo power
supply with up to 120 individual ATX connectors on it.  This would go in the
bottom of the rack a-la UPS style, one connector per motherboard.  Be nice
if each one was individually powerable too :)

Dean Carpenter
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94TT :)

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I would nix the CD-ROM drives unless there is some real need
for it (beowulf mp3 ripper).

Don't forget some type of serial console and real estate for it.

I haven't seen a case designed to accommodate two motherboards.
Is this a commercial product?  Or are you doing a back and
front side arrangement?

--Shane Canon

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