3ware Escalade problems during Scyld instal

root squinlan at modulargenetics.com
Sat Mar 3 11:03:51 PST 2001

Hopefully someone has already resolved this issue. When installing Scyld
from cd in expert mode, I enter the driver disk as usualWhen trying to
install, I enter expert node to add the driver for the raid controller,
using the driver disk provided by 3ware. I have succesfully installed
RedHat 7 on two other machines with the 3ware controllers in this
manner. When I go to add device, scsi, the 3ware controller is there at
the top of the list. When I select it, it appears to start reading the
floppy for the drivers as normal, but seems to finish to fast. After, it
does not get added to the list of drivers included, and instalation
fails because it can not find a drive to install to.

I am installing v2 from a cd purchased through a link on Scyld's
website. The cd arrived only a couple weeks ago. It is the 3ware
Escalade 6200 (two chanel) RAID controller with two 10g drives using
raid 1 (mirror). The system is a 1.2g Athalon on a microstar motherboard
with 512m ram.

Sean Quinlan

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