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>The big problem with USB is that it is a "master/slave" kind of connection.
>The design model is of a PC connected to an array of peripherals.  In fact,
>if you look at USB cables, the two ends of the cable are different.
>There are USB "hubs" but they are really more of "distribution points"
>they have one slave in and several masters out.
>And, of course, USB is pretty darn slow in real life (fast compared to
>CDROMs, Connectix CCD cameras, mice, keyboards, and the like, but slow
>compared to ethernet (even 10 Mbps)).
>I don't know that USB 2.0 would greatly change the "one master/many slave"
>design model, inasmuch as it has to be USB 1.0 compatible.
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>Subject: Re: Cluster via USB
>>> the current version.  Expect to see the first chipset implementations no
>>> sooner than a year from now, with the hardware showing up before then
>>> being developer prototypes.
>>PCI adapters, though, seem to be available RSN:
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