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nate fuhriman nfuhriman at lnxi.com
Fri Mar 2 07:09:04 PST 2001

2 things to look at. First how large a chunk of data did you try to 
process. The first question in this FAQ
talks about setting the chunk to large hence swapping  and lower numbers.

Second  the default 6.2 kernel does have some problems. You might want 
to try upgrading to a newer kernel.

Other than that I would need  more information about the setup of your 
cluster to be of any help. (i.e. hard drive type and size. Amount of 
memory and type. Network connection etc......)

nfuhriman at lnxi.com
Linux NetworX

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Subject: 8 node cluster help!
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2001 08:27:31
From: "mehul kochar" <makmorbi at hotmail.com>
To: beowulf at beowulf.org

Hello Guys,
I have an 8 node cluster and am running Redhat Linux 6.2. I have installed 
the HPLinpack benchmark and am running it. What kind of performance should I 
expect? The machines are Pentium III 550 MHz. I am getting a performance of 
0.79 GHz. That seems less. What can be the reasons? What should I do to 
improve my performance.
I would really appreciate it.
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