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Thu Mar 1 17:13:36 PST 2001

To everyone in the Beowulf Mailing List,

    I am a college student from Malaysia. I am researching about Beowulf
Project for my Honours Project. Below I have a series of question, if
you feel free to answer it please answer it for me and send it back to
clpoh at Your help is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Poh Chean Leng
clpoh at

Interview Question

1.How long have you been involving in research and development of
clustering (parallel processing) technology?

2.Have you involved in any clustering project? If you do, please briefly
explain the project (for example hardware and software configuration).

3.How would you define the meaning of supercomputer?

4.What do you think about the conventional way of implementing
supercomputer? Please state the main barrier of implementing
supercomputer in small organisation.

5.Do you know about the Beowulf Project? If do please briefly explain
what do you understand about the project. If not please refer to the
background studies of the project attached to the question.

6.Do you think that the Beowulf Project has any impact to the latest
clustering technology? Please briefly explain your opinion.

7.Can you state the pros and cons of the Beowulf Project?

8.In your opinion, what are the main factors of the successfulness of
Beowulf Project?

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