MPICH configuration with Absoft's compilers, gcc and g++.

=?X-UNKNOWN?Q?Pe=F1a_Arellano_Fabi=E1n_Erasmo?= fabian at
Thu Mar 1 09:47:32 PST 2001


	I am new to this list and I would like to know how to configure
the MPICH software to work in a cluster of computers using Linux-Mandrake
	I would like to use the Absoft fortran compilers and GNU's gcc and
g++ that come with Linux. How should I configure MPICH? Is the following

./configure -prefix=/usr/local/mpich-1.2.1-pgi
--with-arch=LINUX -cc=gcc -cflags="-O2" -c++=g++
-c++flags="-O2" -fc=/usr/absoft/bin/f77
-fflags="-N109" -f90=/usr/absoft/bin/f90 -f90flags= -fortnames=CAPS
--without-devdebug -mpe -file_system=nfs+ufs

-prefix=/usr/local/mpich-1.2.1-pgi	directory to install software,
--with-device=ch_p4 		appropiate device for Linux clusters.
--with-arch=LINUX		OS used.
-cc=gcc 			GNU's C compiler.
-cflags="O2"			Options for the C compiler. What does the "O2" option do?
-c++=g++			GNU's C++ compiler.
-c++flags="O2"			Options for the C++ compiles. What does the "O2" option
-fc=/usr/absoft/bin/f77		Full path to Absoft's f77 compiler.
-fflags="-N109"			For folding all symbolic names to upper case. What for?
-f90=/usr/absoft/bin/f90	Full path to Absoft's 790 compiler.
-f90flags=			Options for f90 compilers. Is it correct
				to have it empty?
-fortnames=CAPS			What is this for? I didn't find this in
				the manual for installation.
--without-devdebug		Since I am not a MPI implementor.
-mpe 				Extensions for logging and X graphics.
-file_system=nfs+ufs		What's ufs?	

	Thanks in advance for reding this e-mail.


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