Athlon mobo vendor recommendations? [was: Re: Athlon vs Pentium III]

Dan Yocum yocum at
Thu Mar 1 08:23:57 PST 2001

Cameron Harr wrote:
> I agree with David in general. Asus positioned their A7V as the "best"
> Athlon motherboard, but it is not

OK, this is somewhat off topic, but since this is by far the best forum
for asking about hardware vendors, seeing as that everyone here plays
with lots and lots of hardware from lots and lots of OEM's, I'll ask
anyway.  Feel free to respond to me off the list if you wish.

I'm about to purchase an Athlon 1.2GHz with the 266MHz FSB which is
*finally* hitting the market and I'm wondering what mobo vendors have
people had good experience with.  Mainly I'm concerned with reliability,
but if people have info on performance, I'd take that, too.  So, who's
had good/bad experiences with mobo's from the following vendors?  


Am I missing anyone?


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