Cluster via USB

Dan Yocum yocum at
Thu Mar 1 07:42:48 PST 2001


Check the linux-ha archives from early October last year for some
discussions between Alan Robertson and Eric Ayers on providing
communication over USB.  The goal was to provide a serial heartbeat over
PPP on USB and if I recall correctly, Eric was successful.  Of course,
with a heartbeat, bandwidth and speed aren't critical, but it's a
starting place.  The archives are here:

Hope that helps,

Sven Hiller wrote:
> Hi,
> did somebody tried to link some nodes together via USB?
> The Pros are cheep (standard equipment), probably sufficient fast for
> some
> applications (depends on... -;) and easy to install without to open the
> computer
> (e.g., in the case of warranty or leasing contract).

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