Alpha processor finally nuked. (fwd)

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It is not good news, but the rumours of Alpha's demise have been somewhat

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> Well, if they are discontinuing Alpha, why do they not just
> licence/sell the appropriate rights to someone?

A local Compaq friend sent the following to the CARTS list (Chicago Area
Real-Time users Society, what used to be the local DECUS chapter). So,
it's not as bad as earlier reported.  It's a longer, much slower death


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Actually, we licensed (not sold) our Alpha intellectual property to
Intel and Intel will be hiring some of our architectural and software
engineers over time. For the next 4 years, Alpha will continue to lead
the performance in the industry. We will be releasing and shipping
several generations of EV7 technology systems as per the current
roadmap. After that time, the Itanium 2 family will exceed the
performance of Alpha using some of the alpha technology we licensed to
them. Furthermore, we will port all of our OSes to the Itanium processor
family and will deliver new enterprise servers based on Itanium in the
2004-2005 timeframe. From that point going forward,
we'll standardize on the Itanium2 processor family (the ones with the
Alpha inside) as our standard microprocessor for all enterprise systems.

I'll discuss this in as much detail as available at our July 11 meeting.


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