nfs: RPC : Task of released request still queued. SCE/Diskless 1.2

Nelson Castillo nc at
Mon Jun 25 10:09:30 PDT 2001


I’m trying to set up a diskless cluster with the “Diskless 1.2” 
package. I can boot the remote nodes but I can’t log in.  When I 
get the login screen the following message shows infinitely:  

nfs: RPC : Task of released request still queued.
task is on xptr_pending

It happened with either RedHat 6.2 or RedHat 7.1.

It also happened to me using the Beowulf Builder (comes with 
SCE) and RedHat 7.1.

The remote workstation cannot access the shared libraries. I think 
it has to do with symbolic links that can’t be followed from the 
remote system. Could it have something to do with this problem?

I could login once (but only once) because the error did not appear, 
but when I tied to log in the remote machine couldn’t access the 
library so I deactivated the MD5 passwords and logged 
in again.  It ran ok and I could start many services and launch the 

What can I do?

Thanks a lot,

PS: BTW, I couldn’t install SCE. The package scms-2.0-
15.i386.rpm cannot be installed.  Has anyone been able to install 

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