How to mirror a harddisk for backup purpose - preference

alvin at alvin at
Fri Jun 22 15:57:21 PDT 2001

hi ya trent

> > tar does NOT need any intermediate file
> > 
> > tar zcf -  directories_to_copy | ( cd /mnt/new_disk ; tar xvfp - )
> > 
> Is there any advantage of using tar over cp -a?  I don't see one, and
> tar is slower.

i think its a preference and comfort issue of tar vs cp
	in the above  it should be tar cf  -- not "zcf"

unless cp is given the proper options... it sometimes will not copy
the links properly ...  andit seems some folks like to add more options
than is needed too for tar ( at least its not needed on "linux" -- redhat,
suse, slackware, caldera, debian, etc )

i dont usully care about speed difference... if its not noticeable...
( isn't it done yet .. than i care ) tar vs cp vs rsh|tar etc..etc..
	everybody else ( college kids ? ) are more than welcome to 
	play with the speed and performance differences

	and to speed things up ... dont forget to add " tar | buffer "

have fun

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