RH7.1 portmapper

Brian Haymore brian at chpc.utah.edu
Tue Jun 19 09:08:05 PDT 2001

Georgia Southern Beowulf Cluster Project wrote:
> Hello,
> The problems I'm having started a couple days after a fresh kickstart
> install (firewall is also disabled, so its not causing problems).  The
> system worked perfectly fine in a previous kickstart install (also RH 7.1,
> but I needed to do a couple important updates a second time), but it went
> haywire two days after the second install.  It seems that portmap would
> start, then ypserv, ypbind would bind, but claim not to find a yp domain
> server, then a ypinit script (simple and home-cooked) would not be able to
> grab yp maps.  Next the /etc/init.d/nfs scripts would go completely wacky.
> nfsd, mountd, and quotad would all bug out, claiming they could not get a
> request with the RPC portmapper.  In general, rpc services seemed to not be
> able to get a request with portmap.  Well, I went home, had dinner, watched
> cartoons, napped, and came back and viola: Everything worked.  I'm wondering
> if portmap just needs about 5 hours to settle down and act properly.  I
> noticed something similar with ntp as well, though I still can't get it to
> function properly and reliably.  So, to make a drawn out story short, the yp
> and nfs/autofs stuff is functioning now, but I wanted to know if anyone else
> is having such buggy and unpredictable performance.
> Thanks,
> Wes
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The redhat developer site has this logged in their bugzilla system. 
developer.redhat.com then link to bugzilla and do a search on ypbind for
7.1 and you will see some good info their detailing the situation.

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