PVM with a Scyld cluster

Mike Weller weller at zyvex.com
Fri Jun 15 13:48:56 PDT 2001

> > Mount the following:
> > bpsh -a mount -t nfs -n /bin

> This would be nice but for some reason the image copied to the hdd on
> the nodes is so small that when I try to mount /bin from the master I
> get:
> # bpsh 0 mount -t nsf -n /bin
> mount: fs type nsf not supported by kernel

Why don't you try nfs instead of nsf?

If nfs isn't in the kernel, you can look in modules.dep for dependencies
and go:
modprobe --node # sunrpc.o
modprobe --node # lockd.o
modprobe --node # nfs.o

those are the dependencies on mine anyways.

The better way would be to just throw it in 
# NFS (for example and default friendliness)
$MASTER:/home   /home           nfs     defaults        0 0
$MASTER:/usr/bin        /usr/bin                nfs     defaults        0 0
$MASTER:/usr/sbin       /usr/sbin               nfs     defaults        0 0

The NFS modules will automatically mount on the slaves if you do that.


> any suggestions on how to get more than just the minimal stuff onto the
> disks?
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