Problems running example programs

Robert Sand rsand at
Wed Jun 13 11:46:03 PDT 2001


I am having many problems running the example programs and programs like
mpi_mandel can any of you give me a hand in figuring out what is up? 
Here is some specific information:

        I have done a number of test runs using example code
/usr/mpi-beowulf/cpi.c, and it appears that once mpi is initialized,
that application runs ok.  Using up to 7 processors shows a nice decline
in the processing time for that application.  However, the code appears
to hang in the mpi initialization process for when I request 8 (or
more) cpus.  The boeostatus command shows 8 cpus fully devoted to
trying to do something, but they never seem to finish.  The second
bit of bad news is that even for 2-7 processor runs, the initialization
is painfully slow (~ 1 minute).

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