liquid nitrogen cooling a possibility?

Frank Joerdens frank at
Tue Jun 12 02:54:59 PDT 2001

I am trying to find information on whether anyone has tried to increase
an off-the-shelf computer's performance by cooling either the CPU or the
entire motherboard (probably more practical in terms of avoiding condensation
issues) in liquid nitrogen. Are there components on a motherboard that
will stop working (e.g. capacitors) or is this feasible? I have no idea
whether this would be practical or desirable; at the moment my interest
is academic. I thought if anyone knows about efforts in this area, it
would be on this list . . . also, if it works it's probably hideously
expensive for a single CPU, but using it on a cluster where you can
distribute the cost for a cooling system across individual units, it
might appear less crazy.

Cheers Frank

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