Sandia releases Cplant software

Bari Ari bari at
Sat Jun 9 00:02:11 PDT 2001

Brian Atkins wrote:

> Claims to be more scalable than traditional beowulf tactics

  From the news release:

"dramatically extends the capability of researchers to modularly 
assemble large blocks of off-the-shelf computer components"

"While other cluster software may run faster, none exceed the Cplant 
system software's ability to help off-the-shelf processors work together 
in large numbers."

OK, so what's this suppose to mean?? It doesn't make cluster software 
run faster, it just helps their ability to work together in large numbers.??

If it doesn't run the code faster, what does it do to make processors 
exceed in their ability to work together? Are they trying to say it 
increases the efficiency of the internetworking clusters? I wonder how 
this article would read if someone who knew what was going on with the 
Cplant software actually wrote the news release.

Can anyone comment on the what the Cplant system software actually does 
that is of benefit to the performance of clusters?


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