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G'Day !

Actually the answer is more of a "it all depends"

Beowulfs are a optimized cluster of dedicated computer 
servers/workstations that utilize message passing to perform parallel 
computations.  Variations of the theme include non-dedicated workstations 
networked together for parallel computations or a NOW/COW.

Now the most common message passing interface is either PVM or MPI.  Both 
of which I believe has been ported to Macs and OS's other than Linux. (do 
a google search).

However in a true Beowulf software hase been written for job control and 
cluster management that may not be available for your particular cluster 

So the short answer is that you can probably build a cluster using your 
hardware to perform parallel computations, but it will be not be a 

Jim Parker

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Hello Tom,

> -Can you hook up Macs and PC's in a beowulf?

You can use Alpha's, AMD's and Intel's, but as far as I know no support 

> -Do i HAVE to use Linux


> -I can use processors of different speeds right? (200mHz, 100Mhz, 25
> mHz etc)
> -I can use different processors right? (AMD, pentium pro, pentium 3
> etc)



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