Some newbie questions

Roger L. Smith roger at ERC.MsState.Edu
Fri Jun 8 11:28:39 PDT 2001

On Fri, 8 Jun 2001, Stephen Gaudet wrote:

> Hello Tom,
> > -Can you hook up Macs and PC's in a beowulf?
> You can use Alpha's, AMD's and Intel's, but as far as I know no support for
> Macs.
> > -Do i HAVE to use Linux
> Yes.

I completely disagree.  Many people nowadays are using the term "beowulf"
to mean "cluster", and you can cluster pretty much anything with a network
card and an implementation of MPI (depending on what you're doing).

We've been doing Sun clusters since the late '80s.  I've seen a Mac G4
cluster running yellowdog Linux, and there are several significant
NT-based clusters (the A3 at Cornell for example).

I really find it amusing that most people on this list don't seem to think
you can have a functioning cluster without Scyld.

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