PBS on beowulf cluster

Jeremy P. Mann jeremy at bioc09.v19.uthscsa.edu
Thu Jun 7 13:14:19 PDT 2001

Good afternoon all, maybe somebody on here can help me, since I have not
received a reply from the PBS mailing list.

I have a 20 node beowulf cluster with PBS 2.3. If I go into qmgr, and do:

s n node1,node2....node20 state=free

I get all green lights showing on xpbsmon. Two minutes later, they all go
back to red except the server, node2. During this 'green' time, if I
launch xpbs and start my jobs, I get 2 error messages intermittently. One
says "PBS error: Unknown" and the other says "Resource temporarily
unavailable". There is no reference to any of these problems in the
documentation and nothing I can find in the list archives.

I have even reinstalled PBS with a different working directory and queue.
Tried just a new queue, tried different servers, etc.. I have checked
virtually everything I can think of to check. What else is there to do?

Thanks for anything in advance...

Jeremy Mann
jeremy at bioc09.v19.uthscsa.edu

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