Heat pipes?

Velocet math at velocet.ca
Tue Jun 5 07:41:42 PDT 2001

On Mon, Jun 04, 2001 at 11:36:06PM -0500, Bari Ari's all...
> If you're already in Alaska it would seem to make sense. Locating next 
> to a lake would also do the trick if your demands were that high.
> Using forced convection along with sensible conduction cooling 
> techniques allow for even large clusters to be used in areas where the 
> ambient temperatures may be 40 C. So you could still run your TFLOP 
> machine with the windows open in Phoenix during mid July. Though running 
> it in Fairbanks at 10 C would bring up the MTBF a notch :-)

I think that the factor for the location of the facilit was the proximity
of some large pacific fabric and huge gas reserves nearby - power would
be cheap, abundant as is real estate. 

There's a link to the article off /. a month odd ago.


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