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Mon Jun 4 14:20:49 PDT 2001

Hi Steve,

Unfortunately, we couldn't use TotalView because Scyld don't provide
enough remote PID debugging support in their BProc libs.
Which also means that gdb can't work on them either.
At least that's the explanation I got after scanning through the mailing list a while ago.
Perhaps users with Scyld clusters just have to wait for the next
release (hopefully). In the meantime, I'm relying heavily on
printf() statements, and writing customized debugging routines.


Steve Hennessy wrote:
> Paul,
> I'm writing to check on the status of the TotalView
> Download, and to find out if you have had time to evaluate
> the software. The demo is good for 15 days, so I wanted
> to follow up to see if there may be a need to purchase or
> answer any questions that you may have.
> I hope that you have found the software useful, and that you
> recommend it to your colleagues and other software groups.
> We would appreciate any comments/feedback from your evaluation,
> as we are always looking to increase product capabilities to
> meet the customer’s needs.
> Regards,
> Steve Hennessy
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> Account Manager
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> E-mail  :steveh at

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