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John D. Van Workum jvanworkum at
Thu Jan 25 20:38:13 PST 2001

Shain wrote:

 >Hi all,
 >I am new to the concept of clusters but I have been
 >doing a lot of reading recently because I would like
 >to get some experience with question is
 >what are or were can I find information on some (free)
 >applications that I can run on a beowulf cluster.  I
 >would not be setting up anything to fancy at first
 >maybe a 2 or 4 node cluster but I have no idea what I
 >could run on this cluster.  Thanks for the help.

If you are interested in animation there is a very powerful
free animation program called Blender. They just finished a
Network Render application for distributing frame rendering
across a farm.

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