PBS multi-cpu sends

J. RAHEB jraheb at julian.uwo.ca
Thu Jan 25 07:35:11 PST 2001

Hello Everyone,

I am having a little problem with my queue.  I am trying to send a job to
my queue so that it takes all the cpus of a node when it is queued.  SO i
have 2 nodes with 2 CPUs and 2 nodes with single CPUs.  In the PBS manual
it says to do this:

-l nodes=2:ppn=2+2:ppn=1 

so this will send to 2 nodes with 2 virtual processors and 2 nodes with 1
virtual processor, is this right or have I got it all wrong???

Also, on a more advanced note, how do I get my queue to understand the
dual nodes as two nodes as opposed to one.  For example, on my queue, I
have the possibility of sending 6 serial jobs without being queued,
however, if I want one job to use ALL 6 CPUs it tells me I do not have the
resources for the job and it kills the job.  I would appreciate any help
any one can provide.


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