EtherExpressPro & linux-2.2.14

Rob Nelson ronelson at
Wed Jan 24 18:08:02 PST 2001

>2.2.15 had a much-revised eepro100 driver. 
>I am hopeful that using, say, 2.2.18 will cure your problem.

FWIW, and I don't really have anything but anecdotal evidence to support
this, as the web page at seems to have disappeared, but replacing
eepro100's seems to be the only fix. Take a look at the 2.2.x changelogs.
eepro100 drivers have had fatal bugs found in the chipsets multiple times,
just in 2.2.x. Our NT, SCO, linux, and even Novell servers almost always
have a new eepro driver in whatever upgrade they get. We've finally switched
to 3com's in servers due to frustration with Intel at building a quality

Sco used to have a good page detailing the problem. Basically, something on
the PCI card that controlled input and output overflowed its onboard 8k ram
chip or whatever sort of memory it had, which then killed its internal
stack. Power-cycling was the only way to flush it. The bug has been squashed
multiple times, only to rear its head in some new form later. If you keep
going with eepro's, good luck. I heartily recommend 3c905-b's or -c's.

Rob Nelson
ronelson at

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