Channel bonding: working combinations ?

Pfenniger Daniel daniel.pfenniger at
Wed Jan 24 06:44:45 PST 2001

Martin Siegert wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> I had none of your problems when using the DFE570Tx with the tulip
> driver (see the other post). I actually never had to use ifenslave/ifconfig
> manually, the configuration comes up reliably after rebooting or when
> running "/etc/rc.d/init.d/network restart".

That's interesting.  I will try to avoid ifenslave.  

> Hence I can only guess where your problems may be:
> 1. I trust that you have the line "alias bond0 bonding" in your
>    /etc/conf.modules (or /etc/modules.conf, whatever you are using) file.

> 2. You mentioned that you use eth0 for a different network. Is it using
>    the same driver as the other cards? If it is: how do you tell which
>    card your machine is recognizing as eth0?
After a little experimentation, I realized that on the ASUS P2BD motherboard
the NIC are always recognized in the same order.  So I know which one is 
going to be eth0, no problem.  eth0 is also a tulip card, so I tried also 
to assign the old_tulip driver to this one, just in case.  I have also 
DS21140 and DS21143 cards, so I tried the different combinations without
noticing improvments. 


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