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From: Giuseppe Ciaccio <ciaccio at disi.unige.it>
Subject: New release of GAMMA
To: GAMMA developers <gamma_sw at listserver.dsi.uniroma1.it>

Hello all,

I have just put a new release of GAMMA on the web.  This version of
GAMMA is currently under testing on a medium-size (16 nodes) cluster,
thanks to Mino Anglano (Univ. Piemonte Orientale); it appears stable
enough, although some bugs might still show up.

The installation procedure of GAMMA has been made much easier.
Support for mixed GAMMA and IP traffic on the same LAN is now stable.
Support for "machine files" has been added (when launching a GAMMA
job, you are now allowed to specify which process instances are to run on
which node in the cluster).

Browse the updated WWW page of GAMMA,


and follow the "What's New" link to know more.

A new version of MPI/GAMMA has been released as well.  A bug in the
"mpigammarun" launch script has been found and fixed.


Giuseppe Ciaccio               http://www.disi.unige.it/person/CiaccioG/
DISI - Universita' di Genova   via Dodecaneso 35   16146 Genova,   Italy
phone +39 10 353 6638          fax +39 010 3536699 ciaccio at disi.unige.it

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