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Yes, that will work. But what if I already have a number of nodes running
and I want to add in new nodes? Will that try to write to existing nodes?

I encountered the above scenerio recently, and it seems that beofdisk try
to write to all nodes, regardless of existing or new nodes, although it was
unsuccessful on the former.


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> About beofdisk, is it possible to do a "fdisk" to a particular node? Like
> in "bpctl" or "beoboot-install".

YES!  If you do: "bpsh 0 fdisk /dev/hda"  set the first node the way
    you want and then if you do "beofdisk -q" it will remember this
    partition scheme in /etc/beowulf/fstab/hda:c:h:s (where c,h,s is ...)
    Then doing a "beofdisk -w" to write that partition scheme to the
    whole cluster.

    Note the main prompt in fdisk flushes correctly, but some of the others
    prompts can't be seen, so you'll have to remember the order of prompts
    from memory.  (I'll fix this ASAP.)

           Hope this helps,

           Rick Niles.
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