WANTED: standalone non-blocking 48port + 2*1Gb uplink switch

Mike Mettke mettke at lucent.com
Tue Jan 23 07:29:21 PST 2001


Fellow beowulfers,

I am looking for suitable switch candidates for a switch to put in our
soon-to-be beowulf. Money is a consideration, but secondary to solid
I went over the list archives, and although there has been some discussion on
this subject in the past, the focus was on 24 port switches, usually w/o 1Gb
The beowulf might see some mixed use (standalone programs, say large matlab
stuff), and therefore trying not to make too many compromises is essential.

- 48 100Mbit/s ethernet ports
- 2 1000Base-SX ports (for the uplink, we need those!)
- all ports full duplex
- max latency 20 microseconds (10 is better, of course)
- non-blocking switch fabric --> 2 * (48*100 + 2*1000) = 13.6Gbps or better
- 19' rack-mountable
- 1 or 2 RU high (ok, it would be _nice_)
- standalone is sufficient, stackable (suggestons?) would be nice
- port aggregation would be nice

I am currently shying away from stackable switches since they're usually much
more expensive and the internal bandwidth doesn't scale that well. The idea is
to buy a couple of those switches and then hook them up to a non-blocking
GigaBit switch via the up-links. Candidates:

Intel 420T

That seems to be the only one ....8-(. Intel has a shipping date March 2001 on
their web site, and I was wondering whether anybody has had experiences using
this switch or similar switches (suggestions wanted).

hope to hear from you
Mike Mettke

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