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Jag agrajag at
Fri Jan 12 05:33:03 PST 2001

On Thu, 11 Jan 2001, Richard Walsh wrote:

> Perhaps I need to use bootnet.img instead of boot.img
> as the how-to instructs. 

Yes, you need the bootnet.img because otherwise you have no networking
support which makes it impossible to get anything off the servers.

> 1. ks.cfg is on server.

That's fine, just make sure your 'ks=' argument is set properly.  I
might suggest setting this in your syslinux.cfg if you don't mind
messing with it.  This will make it so you don't really have to type
anything special to get it to kickstart, the floppy disk will just do it
automatically.  At the bottom where it says 'ks=floppy', you'll
probablly want to change that to
ks=nfs:nfs.server:/path/to/kickstart/cfgs/  (If the path ends in a '/',
it assumes its a directory with kickstart files specified by IP as the
Red Hat Reference Manual suggests, if there's, no '/' at the end, it
assumes you're pointing to a specific file.)  You can also change
'default linux' to 'default ks' and probablly reduce the timeout so that
it'll only wait a few seconds before automatically doing the kickstart.

> 2. server is running dhcp.

That should work fine, in fact its the way I suggest doing it.

> 3. location of RedHat directories is nfs mountable.

Also not a problem, assuming your ks.cfg was written properlly.


PS I believe there is a kickstart list for these types of questions.
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