Kickstart question ...

Richard Walsh rbw at
Thu Jan 11 16:11:18 PST 2001


Gone through the kickstart how-to thoroughly, but failing
to get things to go--I am sure it is something trivial that
I am overlooking.  

The install disk delivers the typical message header and
then the "boot:" prompt as expected to which I enter either
"linux ks" (as the how-to suggests) or just "ks" (as the the
syslinux.conf file suggests). I end up in the install
interface, forced down a path for hard disk or cdrom 
based install which I obviously do not want.

Perhaps I need to use bootnet.img instead of boot.img
as the how-to instructs. 

1. ks.cfg is on server.
2. server is running dhcp.
3. location of RedHat directories is nfs mountable.


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