List administrivia -- was: Not receiving list and Beowulf setup

Donald Becker becker at
Thu Jan 4 14:58:30 PST 2001

On Thu, 4 Jan 2001, Randy E. wrote:

> I had been eagerly reading the Beowulf mailing list
> for months, and just after Christmas I stopped
> receiving the digests.  I thought it was a slow
> period, but now I check the archive and indeed

I had thought that the traffic had slowed, but not stopped, for Christmas.

It turns out that there were a bunch of submissions stuck in the moderation
queue starting back in early August.  Many of the valid blocked messages were
submitted from unknown email addresses by people on the list.

I've selectively approved the postings back to late November, and plan to
discard the earlier ones as obsolete.  If you see an earlier message, it's
either an especially interesting comment or a just a mis-click on the
mailman moderation form.

By both count and volume, spam submissions were most of the submitted
traffic.  It appears that somehow a few MB of waiting submissions were
causing the problem. Spammers were sending _movies_! And there were a few
messages, presumably caused by Windows viruses, consisting of large .exe

Please let me know if the digest feature does not return to normal in the
next few days.  And I apologize for the delay.

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