Help needed please !!!

Krishna Prasad sita_krish at
Thu Jan 4 00:37:43 PST 2001

Hello anyone,

          I am doing my Btech Final year project in clustering.
I have gone through various projects given in beowulf site and Still I 
coudn't make out the basic idea of how to split a job into parallely 
executably form.  I plan to do my project on linux.
           What I plan to do is to split a process involving lot of 
iterations into parallelly executable form and execute in the different 
nodes of the cluster.  Please someone guide in simple terms as to how to 
split the process or where to find the information about it.  Can it be 
completed within 2 months time as it is my limit. Which language is suitable 
for this?  What program or job can be used as input for this?

          Also tell me how could I show the time taken for execution when a 
process is executed serially and in a cluster.
          What we have is 3 nodes with lan connection in our college lab 
each of having a  pentium processor with linux loaded in them.

Please reply soon as my time is limited.

Thanks in advance.
My email addresses are: sita_krish at and 
sita_krish at
krishna prasad

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