diskless Scyld or OSCAR beowulf setup?

Dave Alden alden at math.ohio-state.edu
Wed Feb 28 07:33:52 PST 2001

  I've been considering "upgrading" my cluster with a prepackaged solution.
Is it possible to use the Scyld or OSCAR solutions in a diskless environment
and I mean diskless -- no floppy, cdrom or hard drive.  :-)  We needed to
build a 64 node cluster as cheaply as possible, so I basically have 64 boxes
with a 650MHz Duron, FIC motherboard, 128M RAM, el-cheapo pci video card and
ethernet card all in a cheap case.  :-)  I did the installation/configuration
by hand and what we have basically works, but I'd like to install the Scyld
or OSCAR solution if I could (to make monitoring/maintainence/expansion much
...dave alden

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