Athlon vs. PIII

Patrick Geoffray patrick at
Tue Feb 20 10:11:27 PST 2001

Luc Vereecken wrote:

> As far as my G98 tests go, running the -tp p6 version on an athlon is about
> as fast as the -tp athlon. Same for the the -Mvect=prefetch flag.  I never
> managed to get Atlas compiled into G98 ? I use the pgf blas/lapack now due
> to compilation problems and lack of time to look into it.

Hi Luc,

the Blas library in LAPACK is a reference implementation.
It is not optimized and sucks big time : it's just a model of the
functions performed by the library. The performance of ATLAS is
much (MUCH) better.

I would advise you to find the time to look into it :-))


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