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Tue Feb 20 06:48:21 PST 2001


Since each machine is inside a metal case, sitting on rubber feet, and
connected to the common ground of the power supply, I think the only
issues with shelves are size, strength, stability, and ventilation.


On Thu, 15 Feb 2001, Leonardo Magallon wrote:

> Greetings Beowulfers,
> We are wondering about what shelves we should get for the extra 32 Duals we are adding to
> our  already existing cluster.
> I have been looking at all the shelves that are sold by companies that are specific for
> computer systems.  These include places  for input/ouput peripherals and the like.  Since a
> cluster does not use these peripherals on a per-computer basis, my question is: What would be
> the difference between getting those metal shelves or getting the plastic regular tool
> shelves one can get at SAMS or PriceClubs?
> I won't be bolting them to anything to share a common ground (if at least one is needed.)
> If I need metal shelves, then is grounding the shelf to some ground rod the recommended
> method.  If I need a plastic shelf, is there any static electricity problems?
> I am sure that there is a reason behind using metal shelves for computer systems because all
> shelves I've seen in computer labs are made of metal.
> Regards to all,
> Leo Magallon
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